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Corporate, Government & School Food Service

Committed to the highest standard of healthy and tasty food, Amerikraine Food Corp. has been one of the most reliable and trusted food service contractors serving in Ohio, Illinois, Western PA, and West Virginia. Our services are especially suited for clients who do not want any compromise on the quality or taste while keeping things well within their budget.

Our chefs hold pride in offering a menu tailored to perfectly fit the bill in every sense of the word. We keep in mind all the elements to craft a great menu: the age and gender of the consumer, the occasion, the time of the year, etc. That is what makes us an equally great choice for corporate as well as school food service.

With the diversity of menu we can offer, it is difficult to generalize our service. Yet, here are the three distant areas where we have proven our expertise time and time again.

Corporate Dining

Our corporate dinning service can help you manage your budget without losing employee satisfaction. Since we prefer organic and natural ingredients and ensure the highest culinary and preparation standards, you can be rest assured that your employees will stay healthy and happy.

Government Food Service

Amerikraine Food Corp. has been offering food service to government offices and agencies across the areas we serve. We use the best food service management system and have the best team to make sure even the highest volume orders are catered to in the most efficient manner without losing quality of superior taste.

School Food Service

This is a service we hold extremely close to our heart. With the help of our organic and natural menu, we strive to remove the question mark on the school food service in the US. The health and well-being of the little ones is something we take extremely seriously.

No matter how long the contract is, you won’t find our quality dwindle even for a single day.

If you don’t find the services you are looking for in our standard offers, we can create it exclusively for you. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Best Caesar Dressing in the City!  
I could eat the Caesar Salad or Wrap every day of the week!
Alison B.  – Immigration Clerk

Every time I eat here, these guys never let me down!
Good Food, and Friendly Service!
Brain F. – U.S. Marshal

I love the Burrito Station! Always Fresh!
Bruce I. –Attorney

The huge fresh burgers are to die for.
Paul S. – Security Guard