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Amerikraine Food Corporation is dedicated to the mission of making food great again. That is why we strive to deliver food that is both healthy and delicious. We are strong supporters of an organic and natural diet, and promote that cause through our restaurants and catering services.

Our ingredients are sourced from vendors who are committed to high quality food. We are redefining the food service industry by offering superior taste and quality!

So, while taste is something that turns our clients into fans, it is our preference to your health and well-being that has earned us a distinguished position in Ohio food service sector.

No matter the dish, there are a few facts that will forever remain unchanged about our service:

Both our chefs pay a personal visit to the organic food market every other day to buy organic produce. Free of any preservatives, these ingredients contain the complete nutritional value with zero risk or harm factor for your health.  

By choosing organic, we also ensure minimal footprint on the environment, making sure each bite is truly satisfying for the stomach as well as for the soul.

Our chefs are extremely against the mass farming industry and its usage of GMOs and steroids. The dangers of such steroids aren’t limited to the animals; they are naturally transmitted to the consumers.

We are committed to changing things for good by using food that is absolutely free of steroids.

Locally Sourced, being able to personally verify the organic and natural claims of the products we source is extremely important to us. That is why we always go for locally sourced meat, vegetables, bread, and other ingredients. This also means that the produce spends less time on the trucks and the shelves, and hence, is as fresh as it can get.

Most importantly, our association with local farmers and vendors directly influences the economic conditions of the region.

Freeze Free, since we opt for fresh and locally sourced produce, we have no reason to opt for frozen food. The choice of frozen and fresh can make a world of difference when it comes to taste and flavors. Moreover, frozen food rarely retains the complete nutritional value and is proven to do more harm than help.

It is one of the reasons why our meat is always so succulent, tender, and juicy and our vegetables always have great flavor.

Made To Order

Lastly, Amerikrane Food Corp. is a company that listens to you. We can prepare a special food service menu to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s a special dietary requirement or a specialty cuisine, we can prepare food that fulfills all of your criteria.

Have a special food service menu in mind? Get in touch with us to discuss!

Best Caesar Dressing in the City!  
I could eat the Caesar Salad or Wrap every day of the week!
Alison B.  – Immigration Clerk

Every time I eat here, these guys never let me down!
Good Food, and Friendly Service!
Brain F. – U.S. Marshal

I love the Burrito Station! Always Fresh!
Bruce I. –Attorney

The huge fresh burgers are to die for.
Paul S. – Security Guard